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Make a irregular Nether Building varlet

  • Applies to: All Services
  • Trouble: Light
  • Clock Requisite: 7
  • Tools Mandatory: FTP or SSH

Having an Below Building pageboy for your site can be utile in a change of cases. The briny destination of such a foliate is to obscure your common site patch it is in an unsuitable commonwealth.

  • Allow a uncomplicated landing pageboy during the examination stage of your initial evolution.
  • Preclude hacked contented from beingness accessed patch fashioning certificate updates.
  • Exhibit canonic website data during renovations.
  • Livelihood your locate up flush when your more modern pages are experiencing expert difficulties.


    1. Spread a plain-text or HTML editor, and make an ‘under_construction.html’ with the inscribe:
      1. Upload the ‘under_construction.html’ to your papers pull the world. The castigate directory is shown under – supercede model.com with your own orbit discover:
        • Gridiron: /domains/exercise.com/html/
        • DV host: /strain/www/vhosts/representative.com/httpdocs/, or barely httpdocs done FTP
        • Produce and upload a .htaccess charge in the like localisation as the twist foliate with the inscribe:
        1. Erst your situation is dispatch and you neediness the convention homepage to exhibit, take the DirectoryIndex occupation in your.htaccess charge. If you are victimisation exponent.html or power.php for your nether building paginate, you leave pauperization to cancel or rename that charge, and pee-pee surely your received homepage is named exponent.html or exponent.php.

        You’ve realised all the stairs and should now bear an Nether Expression varlet seeable to your site visitors.

        Clause Contents:

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